Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Over the past week or two my thoughts and emotions have been running in
overdrive!  We are quickly approaching the 2 month mark since we had to evacuate our home, and I am most Thankful to God for keeping us dry, and know that others within our congregation are not so lucky and I feel so sorry for them!  I just want to go back home and start getting my life
back to "normal"  but I hear some people who say, "do you think that is
wise"  well, to you I say this, I drive to Omaha everyday for work and I
could get killed or seriously injured in an accident, so do I stop driving to work?  NO, so if that "6 million dollar Modern Marvel"  they call a Levee fails and our house gets water in it...that is better than me being dead don't ya think?  Then I hear it could be at least a year before we can get to Nebraska City without driving 75 miles....heck, we can't even get mail delivered in a timely manner. It took 3 days to get a post card mailed from the vet in Sidney to be delivered to Hamburg! I have many friends who work for A & M Green power and now have to drive to Shenandoah for work. I had to stop carpooling and drive myself on a highway that seems to get narrower and narrower everyday point is everyone is being affected somehow, someway by this horrible event,  some more than others and we all deal with the stresses in a different way...for me it is
writing for this blog!  
  It all just goes back to Blaine's messages for the past 2's all in God's hands and we must learn to take one day at a time!  So, I've decided I'm going to sit on Marcia's porch with her, since she only has to swat at a couple of bugs...go to our house where we have bugs the size of elephants that try everything in their power to bite, sting or simply carry you away to their "mother land" to convert you to one of them..Ok, maybe they really aren't that big, but they sure seem to be.

Thanks be to God!


  1. Scott, I want to invite you to come spend some time taking in the view from my new water front property. I had no idea it smelled that badly but I do have great seating to take in the view. I have come to appreciate that being high and dry has several advantages however bugs are not among them, want more for your porch?

  2. Joan, I've seen your water front property view and I don't thank it's all your making it out to be! I say we make a trip up North to Okoboji that's the water front poroperty I want...I suppose we could maybe see Sandy while were up that way! :)