Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Percy!

Since flood pictures are very much disheartening, we have someone we thought you might like to meet.Last month in our newsletter we were introduced to a congregation member that we didn’t realize we had, Percy. Percy likes to be inspiring and uplifting, so whenever you see the name “Percy,” you can be sure he’s got nothing but love for you! Just consider him one of God’s sheep that likes to give out big wooly hugs! The following is his introduction that was in the July newsletter followed by his photograph, which he says captures his good side!

Hello Everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is Percy (short for Percival).

I am one of God’s sheep. I attend church with you all. You just have never recognized me as I have had to disguise myself for I don’t think you would know what to do if you saw an actual sheep setting in a pew, but that’s what I am, an actual sheep, wool and all. I’ve been known to stray at times and when I do, I’m usually yanked back in the fold by our Shepherd. Everybody strays once in awhile I’m told. Anyway, the Shepherd tells me I have been very blessed by your love and goodness and that he wants me, Percy, to become a constant reminder that each one of us is one of God’s sheep.

So whenever you see my picture or hear my name, you should be reminded of that very fact. Watch for me in upcoming newsletters.

In His name,




  1. Percy brought a smile to my face this morning and how nice to see him ringing his bell with the good news he wants to share. Very unlifting, Percy.

  2. Could we possibly put a big xxx through the previous post and change it to read,Very UPlifting, Percy! I have given my fingers a good talking to and they promise to be more careful in the future.

  3. Lol Joan! I didn't even catch that!

  4. I think Percy needs a haircut...Mindy can you take care of that? it's a little too hot for him to have all that wool!


  5. LOVE Percy!!!!! It looks like he doesn't need his water wings anymore. Praying for all of you in the Percival church. Through all of this God has done great things through all of you.

  6. Thank you Tammy! Percy appreciates your kind words!