Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pastor’s Thoughts

It appears from my perspective that we’re the forgotten disaster of the summer of 2011. Rural America small towns and cities face a variety of challenges each and every year but compounded for Percival, Hamburg, Watson and many others is the water of the Missouri River which seems to be a perpetual sight that is not going away any time soon. In fact if the “so called experts” are correct it could be six months to two years before some people are able to inspect their homes.

For the communities along the Missouri River basin and the corn and soybeans once growing in the fields on the bottom; it’s probably a “blip” on the markets, so who cares? Well I for one do, having lived in Hamburg for 15 years and now pasturing the Percival Community Church for the past 2 and one half years Yes, I have developed a fondness for the area and its people. They are hard working, honest, caring good hearted with a love for family, friends and the land God created.

It’s worth saving, but where are the movie stars, activists’ and others who have given time and resources to some of the neediest places of the world, but are silent to the cries and hurts of people in rural America?

My faith tells me, God hears their pain, frustration and day to day struggles to remain positive and to believe that tomorrow will be better and brighter.

Please don’t forget us: pray for us, encourage us, remember us, we’re America too and people of faith, trusting that God’s love, grace and mercy is sufficient.

Pastor Blaine

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