Friday, August 12, 2011

1881 Flood 8th (Last Edition)

April 27--- The J.F. Joy arrived, with 125 persons, who were taken in tow by the relief committee. This message from C. Keyser of Percival: As I understand you are getting some of the distressed people out of here. I am glad for you to get the people out first. That is right. But I have got all my family and my stock, 150 head of cattle on a sand knoll five or six rods across. I have no more feed for them and cannot possibly get any more. There is a Mr. Sheldon and several others in the same fix. Understand now that we had to leave home entirely to get on this little island. If you can ever possibly get up to McElroy’s do not fail to come immediately on account of distress or for pay. Some of our stock already have drowned.

The News said previous reports of drowning seemed to be false, that no reports of human death could be substantiated. At Hamburg, however, three children were reported to have lost their lives, one when a cow kicked a child off a raft.

Then the river starter falling. On May 14 the final report of the relief committee was made by D. MacCuaig, the treasurer. Expenditures were $272.36, of which $120 was paid to the Nebraska City Transfer Company for the use of its boats. A balance of $49.44 remained on hand.

Possibly the loss in the flood never will be written. The river raised to the highest point in the history of Nebraska City, and its course was changed considerably when the waters finally fell to normal. The flood dropped out the news of the day quickly, But never has the Missouri been as high as it was in April, 1881.

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