Sunday, October 30, 2011

Campaign Update

Our  “Showers of Blessing” campaign is right now a little over $12,000! Isn’t that wonderful?!  Thank you to each and everyone who has given not only with their generous donations but also for the love and prayers that have been bestowed on us! We are so very thankful and appreciative! The Campaign started August 14th, 2011 and goes through November 22, 2011. For more details click on campaign under “About the Church” on the right side bar.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Until recently the only living creatures in the Church were spiders (Several Spiders)  they spun their webs in every window, every corner and on every cabinet in the kitchen, where they laid several eggs.  It has been a pain staking process, but as of today, all webs, and I think most spiders are gone!  All the woodwork and walls  with the exception of the fellowship hall and bathrooms have been cleaned.  The Sanctuary has rec’d a facelift of sorts, we now have carpet runners and the pews will sit on the original wood floors, which are in good shape considering their age,  they have been cleaned and buffed and look amazing!  The floor of the stage has been cleaned and looks totally different and the area behind the curtain has been cleared of clutter, and deep cleaned and the floor there will be cleaned as well, I have plans to fix the one portion of the curtain that is torn at the top and the lights behind the curtain will be replaced.  The Church is starting to look more like a house of Worship rather than an empty, deserted building over ran with spiders.  I have hopes for an all Church cleaning day in early November, the toughest job will be cleaning the fellowship hall, all other areas will just need a “touch up.”   I can’t speak for anyone else, but look forward to the end of November when we will be back in our own Church!  

Thanks be to God for bring us all back to Percival Community Church!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Check It Out!


Scott sent me this picture. He and Lynn worked on the floor at the church. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Monday, October 17, 2011

1909 Wabash Washout

Here is a postcard Lynn had of the railroad in the flood of 1909 entitled Wabash Washout Chillicothe, Mo.  Not sure who had it worse?!

Click on image to enlarge.

pcp 506

Friday, October 14, 2011

Some Recent Pictures

Church basement not quite ready for clean up but Lynn Handy has done an amazing job in getting us this far.

Percival%2010-11%20002 Percival%2010-11%20003

Possible salvage items from the old Sunday School room.


Welcome home but not quite yet, Brian and Kelly’s home.


Views of roads going west from Percival over the I 29 interchange.



Yard at Handy’s, Big sand pile everywhere.


 Notice the sand level around this big beautiful old shade tree.


What was once a part of a field but now is a big hole left behind from rushing water.


Left behind, dead and dying fish. This picture was sad as what little water was left in the ditch had fish swimming with no where to go.


More sand at Terry and Dana’s.


Believe it or not, grass to mow.


Sand being pushed off the roads making it possible to travel on a few.



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Chapter in the Flood of 2011

Another chapter in the flood of 2011 took place last Sunday when an opportunity presented itself to drive over roads recently cleared west of Percival. I wish I could say that it all looked wonderful being able to return to this little community; but so much is left to be done with finances not presently available that it is going to be some time before it will if ever be back to the home that many knew. Sand is over fields, yards, roads and anywhere that the water ran, some might be lucky and have new fill dirt that will make for better ground but others are faced with a daunting task of how to remove or incorporate some of it back into fields so they can be farmed once again. The same will be true for their yards and gardens it is unreal the amount of Fine River sand that covers everything killing beautiful old shade trees years in the making and now dying everywhere. It is discouraging but a sense of optimism that farmers seem to have year after year keeps them moving forward towards a better season. The same can be said for those waiting to remove mold from their homes, they are anxious to be back in familiar surroundings but also want assurance that they and those they love will be safe from any effects that could be present. Like most that are looking at the devastation that disaster brings upon families and communities the road to recovery seems long and sometimes without hope but remember God’s promise in Romans 8:38-39. We are in His care always. Joan

Friday, October 7, 2011

Percy’s Tidbit


Regrets over yesterday and the fear of tomorrow are twin thieves that rob us of the moment.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Spiritual Moment

The County had a Caterpillar and a Backhoe on roads to the west side of Percival. The Caterpillar started on the base line road and went all the way north to our place. Some of the sand would be a foot deep in places. Barb and I were the first to drive a quarter mile north of our house, then got out and walked a 1/2 mile up past my grandmothers house. There was a sandbar that was 100 yards long that went north on our land. It was 150 yards from the break in the levee. Sitting on that sandbar many things went through my head. It was a very spiritual moment for me. Sitting there where no one has been for quite some time. Thinking of all the many happenings that have occurred there in my life. The house where I was raised was washed away in the flood. Many things were washed away in the flood, but not my memories.

With the water receding things will slowly improve. We must now look upward and onward.

Lynn Handy

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let There Be Light!?


It  was great to get the electricity back on at the church yesterday. One of our board members met with someone from the electric company. They got everything hooked up and then went inside to flip the main switch. After flipping the main switch, the lights in the sanctuary and Sunday school room, which are circuits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6  immediately came on. We are pretty sure we had all those turned off when we left the church. Made us wonder how they “mysteriously” were turned on?    Our immediate thought was,  “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”

The Structural Engineer will be returning next Wednesday to check out the foundation of the church.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pastor’s Thoughts


Harvest is in full swing and for some the harvest season will be a good one, but for many more it will be a continual reminder of a devastating summer of disasters; from flooding, tornado, rain and high speed winds. Fields are gone, stripped of all fruit, or if a few acres remain, it’s how do we get to it to harvest. For others there won’t be any harvest because there is nothing left, only what could have been; and making plans for next Springs planting if that will even be possible.

Farmers always seem to have a resilience that transcends despair and despondency; it’s a hope and faith that the next season of planting and harvest will yield a better outcome.

No matter how bad, or how many difficult seasons they have endured and believe me this will not be the last one, there’s an optimistic spirit that runs deep within their lifeblood.

Do we as Gods people have that same sense of faith, hope, and optimism? The challenges that face our lives, our service, our congregations and our communities will test our resolve to minister in love, grace and patience.

Let us remember God has promised “never to leave us or forsake us.” In discernment and wisdom God will continue to reveal His plans and purposes. Let us be faithful to the harvest Jesus our Lord has set before us knowing that the harvest is plentiful but he knows the laborers are few.

Let us labor in joy, faith and love.

Pastor Blaine