Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Chapter in the Flood of 2011

Another chapter in the flood of 2011 took place last Sunday when an opportunity presented itself to drive over roads recently cleared west of Percival. I wish I could say that it all looked wonderful being able to return to this little community; but so much is left to be done with finances not presently available that it is going to be some time before it will if ever be back to the home that many knew. Sand is over fields, yards, roads and anywhere that the water ran, some might be lucky and have new fill dirt that will make for better ground but others are faced with a daunting task of how to remove or incorporate some of it back into fields so they can be farmed once again. The same will be true for their yards and gardens it is unreal the amount of Fine River sand that covers everything killing beautiful old shade trees years in the making and now dying everywhere. It is discouraging but a sense of optimism that farmers seem to have year after year keeps them moving forward towards a better season. The same can be said for those waiting to remove mold from their homes, they are anxious to be back in familiar surroundings but also want assurance that they and those they love will be safe from any effects that could be present. Like most that are looking at the devastation that disaster brings upon families and communities the road to recovery seems long and sometimes without hope but remember God’s promise in Romans 8:38-39. We are in His care always. Joan

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