Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Spiritual Moment

The County had a Caterpillar and a Backhoe on roads to the west side of Percival. The Caterpillar started on the base line road and went all the way north to our place. Some of the sand would be a foot deep in places. Barb and I were the first to drive a quarter mile north of our house, then got out and walked a 1/2 mile up past my grandmothers house. There was a sandbar that was 100 yards long that went north on our land. It was 150 yards from the break in the levee. Sitting on that sandbar many things went through my head. It was a very spiritual moment for me. Sitting there where no one has been for quite some time. Thinking of all the many happenings that have occurred there in my life. The house where I was raised was washed away in the flood. Many things were washed away in the flood, but not my memories.

With the water receding things will slowly improve. We must now look upward and onward.

Lynn Handy

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