Friday, October 28, 2011


Until recently the only living creatures in the Church were spiders (Several Spiders)  they spun their webs in every window, every corner and on every cabinet in the kitchen, where they laid several eggs.  It has been a pain staking process, but as of today, all webs, and I think most spiders are gone!  All the woodwork and walls  with the exception of the fellowship hall and bathrooms have been cleaned.  The Sanctuary has rec’d a facelift of sorts, we now have carpet runners and the pews will sit on the original wood floors, which are in good shape considering their age,  they have been cleaned and buffed and look amazing!  The floor of the stage has been cleaned and looks totally different and the area behind the curtain has been cleared of clutter, and deep cleaned and the floor there will be cleaned as well, I have plans to fix the one portion of the curtain that is torn at the top and the lights behind the curtain will be replaced.  The Church is starting to look more like a house of Worship rather than an empty, deserted building over ran with spiders.  I have hopes for an all Church cleaning day in early November, the toughest job will be cleaning the fellowship hall, all other areas will just need a “touch up.”   I can’t speak for anyone else, but look forward to the end of November when we will be back in our own Church!  

Thanks be to God for bring us all back to Percival Community Church!


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