Tuesday, September 4, 2012

From the Board Secretary

A brighter welcome right at our front step, kindly recovered with new carpet by Marty Shipley, should lift the spirit of any congregant or visitor to the church.  And soon doors newly repainted by an anonymous friend will open to the comfort of the sanctuary.  Thank you to the local community for blessed support of our parish.  Hopefully many of them will come and join our worship.


Hence, outreach and fellowship are the motives behind a Harvest Festival that is in consideration of next month.  Young people in particular, from the neighborhood and elsewhere, will be the target audience for an evening of riding, decorating, roasting and bobbing…involving hayracks, sugar  cookies, hotdogs, s’mores and apples.  Does that sound intriguing? No costume necessary, though anything that contributes to the howling success of the event will be appreciated.  Of course, we are all YOUNG at heart, and thus everyone is included in the event.

In the meantime, the Popcorn Festival is at hand, when volunteers are needed to cook pies or man the booth.  No cookies that melt in the sun to be sold this year.  The theme is to ‘keep it simple’.

By the way, Pastor Blaine may be visiting parishioners during the week sometimes, as his schedule might often make this more convenient than the usual Saturdays.  Enjoy the opportunity to talk with this learned scholar of the Bible, as fewer and fewer pastors actually go out and visit their flock.

Enjoy the Autumn weather!

-Marcia Little, Board Secretary

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