Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Journey of Some…

I have been thinking a lot lately about our new friends from Sidney who have been coming to worship with us.  It is wonderful to have you here and we enjoy each and every person we have had the pleasure to get to know.  I have to feel bad though about what they have been thru and the things that brought to the point of leaving a church they had been in for years and years to strike out to something new.

There are some similarities to the journey of these people and the journey those of us from Hamburg went thru years ago. There was a group in the church we left that wanted total control of what went on. They felt they knew what was best for the church and would stop at nothing to make sure what they wanted was what happened. 

At the time it was an awful thing to have to deal with and live thru.  At times it indeed felt like a nightmare I may never wake up from.  It was painful and sad in many different ways.  I was shocked to see how cruel Christians can be to one another. It was hard to believe that God was watching over us during this time but he really was.  God had a hand to all that happened.  For if all that happened had not there is every chance many of us would have still been at that church fighting with those people wondering why church had to be that way and why we just never felt comfortable.                       

Instead God sent us to Percival where we were welcomed by a small group who were so warm and accepting.  Everyone was willing to let us talk and share what had happened.  The change we made was so much for the better.  I am in hopes that all the new people who have joined us have always felt that God was with them.  We may not always understand how he is working but we have to always know he is with us and has a plan for our lives.       

My hope is always that every person who enters our doors feels as welcomed as we did when we came. Also know that by attending church here you are a part of our family so you can always voice your opinion or ask any question.

Paul Bennett                                              

Board President

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