Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chuckies Donut Shop


Former residents of Hamburg Chuck & Alisha Behr opened their new shop on December 2nd in Oakridege, OR.  Chuck was born and lived there until he was 15 when his family moved.  He is a graduate of Oregon State University. Chuck says he has been guided by a higher power because he and Alisha found everything in place in a perfect setting.  He is delighted that many of the people from his childhood are still here that has enabled him to renew old acquaintance.  They are going to the United Methodist Church, same one he went to as a child.  Same building and everything just like being in a time machine.  The mix of people is about the same as Percival.  The older couple that sit in front of them is in their nineties, the lady used to be his baby sitter.  They have a choir which Alisha has joined and they went to a sing around in Eugene with 10 other churches in the big church with a large pipe organ several weeks ago.  Rather amazing.  He is once again enjoying his baking where he specializes in sweets.  All types of frosted, filled and old fashioned donuts, bagels, along with a good cup of coffee.  He is a skilled and professional baker.  Alisha has been able to showcase many of her Korean boxes and beautiful inlaid treasures.  As to Chuck he has his model airplanes hanging from the ceiling and family art decorates the bakery.

Adapted from Dead Mountain Echo

Note from Chuck, Yes, God has blessed me and the family, the power of prayer is real.  Who will be your angel today and whose angel will you be today?  Wishing you all well and peace be with you.

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