Monday, February 18, 2013

From the Board President

Recently someone posted a piece on Facebook that had an interesting Huffington Post article someone had written about religion that I found most interesting.

It talked about how what people were most attracted to with a church was seeing that the church was more about living the teachings than just talking about them. They said how many people are turned off over lawsuits regarding forcing the 10 commandments or nativities to be put up at places and that maybe instead of fighting those fights, other things need to be done.

The article talked about a church in Washington State I believe, where the pastor had gone to Africa and saw children orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic and many who had the disease themselves.  His church was small and not growing and was best known in their community for their Christmas program.  He was thinking the problem he had seen was so big that there was nothing he could do.  He was however able to do something and eventually many other organizations and people in the community became involved and that church became known for the mission work and all the good they were doing in a land far away.

I found this piece most inspirational.  First, it shows that no matter how small you may be you can still make a big difference.  I believe that is something our little church can get behind.  Also, showing your love and compassion for others and trying to live a life of giving is seen in a very good light by others and draws them towards you and your works.  That seems to be a lesson good for anyone.

Paul  Bennett

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