Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Newsletter Needs YOU!


We want suggestions on how to improve the look of our newsletter, so to better reflect the character of our congregation.  A change in things such as page layout, font, or paper color?  Input from the congregation would be appreciated!  Have you seen other church newsletters which have a look you would like to see in ours?  Give suggestions to the Pastor or Joan, who want help in designing a better format.

What type of articles would you like?  Some humor, possibly a cartoon reflecting a church setting?  A worship adult puzzle page?  A list of Board members to contact with questions or suggestions?  A calendar of the months daily church activities for posting on your refrigerator or bulletin board?

The Percival Community Church newsletter is a reflection of our congregation, for ourselves and those who cannot attend services and activities.  Lets try to make the best face possible!

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