Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pastor’s Thoughts

Trying to write an article for the newsletter every month has its challenges; especially when it involves creativity and some little point that you hope will be inspirational.  Here is my attempt for June.

Joan’s daughter is here for a short visit and in the state of composing a paper for her adolescence psychology course.  It entails that you take some life experiences from your adolescence and relate it to how the situation influenced your high school years.  You then have to make that relevant to that which is presented in the text by the so – called experts, such as Freud, Piaget, Erikson and others.  Not an easy task!

Focusing on some past event in your youth and how it influenced you as a person is a thoughtful process and not an easy task as it complicates that which is involved in self evaluation.

With God the same can be true.  Revealing through the Holy Spirit some attitudes, habit or behavior that needs changing is not easy.  Old ways die hard.  But, with confession and forgiveness comes restoration and the past is wiped away and we re-focus on the newness of the life given to us in Christ.

That’s what is so wonderful about our Heavenly Father, the past is remembered no more and the future becomes more positive and optimistic.

May His love, joy and peace fill your life each and every day.

Pastor Blaine

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