Saturday, June 8, 2013

Secretary Snippets

All quiet on the Iowa front.  Knock on wood!  Let us be thankful of our blessings, and prayerful for the victims of severe spring weather in other parts of the country.  I shouldn’t rephrase the title of a great piece of western literature to capture the attention of our congregation, especially as it references a tragedy of war which occurs after similar words are announced to soldiers on the eastern front of WW1.  However, it is these words that pass through my mind after learning of the tornados of Oklahoma, as well as the admonition to check the storm cellar, and the realization why we have them here in the midwest.  For with her tornadoes, it seems that Mother Nature is at war with us.  Let us remain vigilant throughout the season, and other times.  I like to think that with a clear mind we are best able to repond to what life throws our way.  Also, it is God’s handiwork that shows in our response to fellows, kin and even strangers at times of disaster.

As for the Board of Trustees of the Percival Church, we prepare for a quiet month ahead by holding a short May meeting.  Nancy Newlon is said to have a basic plan ready for the landscaping in front.  With the re-generation of the ground being the first order of the plan.  More work is planned for the restrooms, as already approved at an earlier meeting.  Enjoy the month of June, everyone.  Work, play, relax, and smell the roses.

Marcia Little, Secretary

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