Monday, July 1, 2013

Pastor’s Thoughts

July is the month where we celebrate our Independence and the establishing of this new nation called America.  Those adventurous and hard working people believed in freedom for themselves and  for their neighbors willing to fight and die that the winds of liberty would blow across a new land.

More than two hundred and twenty five years later I’m wondering if those values and virtues they so desperately sought have been lost to the prevailing attitudes of apathy.  Maybe I’m watching too many news shows but the IRS and the NSA and the possible tracking of my Verizon phone conversations is extremely disturbing.  What has and is happening in this nation we love seems to be a non-issue to millions of U.S. citizens.  But then again it’s not much different than our relationship with God and His son Jesus Christ.  We go about the business of our daily lives barely noting the presence of His Spirit and His desire to talk to us.

God is never an issue unless it’s an emergency.  In John 8:32 the Scripture verse says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”  Freedom came with the cost of patriots lives; spiritual freedom costs our life as we submit it to Jesus Christ.  Enjoy your freedom in the Lord.

Pastor Blaine

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