Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pastor’s Thoughts

Decorating of our homes, yards, Sanctuaries, shopping malls, store fronts, main streets, city parks and of course the Christmas tree has begun in earnest.  All of it is done to create a sense of awe, joy, happiness and splendor that is often short lived.  Decorations are a facade they cover up or hide the reality of what is seen.  You can have a ‘Charlie Brown’ tree and cover it with enough lights, ornaments and tinsel to make it look beautiful.  Shopping malls and store fronts construct elaborate displays to entice us to spend money or to a least walk through the doors.

But does it create a sense of well- being?  For many people Christmas is a time of despair, hopelessness and loneliness.  A husband taking care of his wife who no longer knows her name, visiting a spouse in a nursing home, a loved one battling cancer, a father in need of a job, a single mother trying to feed and care for her children, a broken marriage, the death of a loved one, hunger, finances and the list is endless.  We mask our hurts and smile; we decorate our lives believing no one will see the hopelessness we feel.

Into this Christmas story breaks the voices and the message of the angels. “Fear Not, for behold I bring you  good tidings of great joy.”  A savior is to be born that brings the promise of HOPE.

May the love of Christ “Surround” you.  The joy of the Lord “Strengthen” you.  The peace of the Savior “Comfort” you, the “Light” of God’s glory fill and radiate in your life anew.

Pastor Blaine

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