Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pastor’s Thoughts

2014-Year-Tags-on-Blue-Background-Vector-Illustration The adage “How time flies” never seemed more fitting than this year.  Maybe it comes with getting older but where did the three fold and sixty five days of 2013 go?  Day follows day, month begets month and seasons follow one another has been the celestial order.  The one constant in everything that occurs is God’s faithfulness.  The sun rises and sets, the planets orbit in their courses, day yields to night, and with each passing hour the Eternal God of all Creation; sustains, directs, and provides for all things great and small and that includes you and I.
While we don’t know what lies ahead in2014, one thing is certain, the New Year will confront us with its mix of unexpected challenges both as individuals and as a congregation.  What all of us can be confident of is to know who holds the future.  Almighty God, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit have each and every tomorrow already plotted and planned.
Our response is to believe, trust, and live in the fullness that the best is still ahead, that the God of the past is the Lord of the present, and the promise and hope for our future.
Pastor Blaine

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