Thursday, January 9, 2014

Secretary Snippets


Welcome to a fresh year, parishioners old and new.  What has been exciting lately is the growing number of people visiting our church, and coming back to worship more regularly.  We enjoy making friends, and getting to know the community better.  A passion for the word of Christ, which reaches into the soul, allows us to become actively involved in our neighborhood.

We are happy to have a new PA system installed in the sanctuary, thanks to the expertise, research and action of Aaron and Jan Zach.  Good, clear audio throughout the room allows everyone to hear without an echo or static.  Thank you very much to these two church members who shared their talents with the rest of us.

Unhappily, the Board received a letter of resignation from President Paul Bennett, who now resides in Omaha, and finds the commute too difficult to continue effectively in this role.  The Nominating Committee will look to find a candidate to finish the year left in Paul’s term.  The Board has appreciated greatly his leadership and sense of humor.  He will be missed.

We are looking forward to an Annual Meeting later this month, at which all Percival Community Church goers are encouraged to attend, after the service on the 19th.  You may have talents you would like to share with the church, and this may be an opportunity to shine.

The Food Bank is most in need of peanut butter and cereals, reported a volunteer.  Now that we have containers to protect against mice, we will continue this mission.

Marcia Little, Secretary

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