Sunday, January 12, 2014

This And That


The Sunday after Christmas at church in Omaha we had Scripture readings and carols.  I guess that is a tradition in England.  It was a very nice, simple service.

Blaine has mentioned the same thing and I think it is brought up most every year but it does bear repeating at the start of the new year.  We are to take the light of Christ out into the world and share it with those we come in contact with.  Our minister at the end of our service said the same thing and then made it even more simple.  Jesus helped the poor and sick.  He preached a message of hope and peace.  If we want to be more Christ like on a daily basis all we really need to do is help those in need and treat all our fellow human beings as we would want to be treated.  Something so simple could make a huge difference if everyone could be on board.

I will not be able to sign my piece this month as Board President because I turned in my resignation as a board member at the December meeting.  Someone of equal ability will be filling my spot for the last year of my term.  It is with mixed feelings that I did this.  I love the Percival Church but living in Omaha and also becoming involved in activities at the church here was making it harder and harder to get to meetings.  You will still see me in church from time to time and I will try and help Joan out if she needs a little piece for her newsletter.  Everyone keep up the good work you do.

Paul Bennett

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