Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday

We were all in awe today as we walked into the church.

The Zach family had the church looking beautiful for

Palm Sunday.    (Click on pictures to enlarge)



Pastor Blaine had Grace, Karlee and Macey up front during the children’s

sermon explaining to them about the palm branches.




Mrs. Zach's Sunday School Class


Ethan Maybee, Grace Zach, Macey Graham and Karlee Graham.

Learning about Easter and the symbolism of the butterfly.

In the church the butterfly has long been a symbol of the resurrection

of Christ as well as the resurrection of believers. The reason why is

the caterpillar disappears into a cocoon which is like the tomb that

Christ lay in after the crucifixion appearing dead.  Later it emerges

from “death” having transformed into something more beautiful that it was.

The butterfly symbol is seen especially around Easter the Christian

holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  But the

butterfly is also a symbol of every Christian*s hope of resurrection

from the dead.


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