Monday, October 19, 2015

From the Secretary

All hands on deck for the Harvest Festival, the latter part of October. 
Or may it be said, let*s have a happy hoedown.  Candies are being
collected from parishioners for the craft project, pumpkins and/or
colorful squash for autumn decor, and food for the famished hayride
revelers.  A sign up sheet in the Fellowship Hall for some of these
items will be available.
The Zach family has made a lovely effort putting together music for
Sunday services.  They appeal to congregants for ideas on special songs
or arrangements to be used on occasion.  If you have a favorite CD or
title, please talk to Jan.
We appreciate Joan Tiemeyer for many years working as editor of our
beloved newsletter.  Nevertheless, she is planning to retire from this
duty in December.  If anyone would like to take up the baton, give it a
go, try on a new hat, please let Joan know, so she may help with needed
advice.  Marcia has thought about it, though feels she wouldn’t be able
to follow through consistently with the responsibility. An alternative
solution is being considered. However, if you have dreamt of being the
elegant editor of an informative flyer, don’t hesitate to hail Joan and
hash over the details.
The socializing after church is an enjoyable mainstay of our
fellowship.   Those who provide treats are very much appreciated by the
congregation.  Some have intimated, however, that less is more, or
healthy is happy.  It seems to me though, that we are very blessed to
have so much high quality sustenance of any kind from so many talented
cooks and hosts.
Thank you.  Marcia L., Secretary

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