Sunday, October 14, 2018

A Percival Congregational Church Poem

October is celebrated as Clergy Appreciation Month, and we sure do appreciate Pastor Blaine Pritchett and all that he does for us throughout each and every year! The following poem was in our bulletin this morning and I thought it was absolutely perfect and wanted to share!


Written by a couple of congregants`

        Those who know your name Trust in you

                you always have a Home here

                      You are Able and just

                     To New life you lead us

           As pastor you share your Knowledge

                           You lift us up

                       Over the rainbow

       You make a joyful noise Unto the Lord

        You show us ways to Please the Lord

And give us gentle Answers to our questions

        Helping us to understand Scripture

           And know Truth from falsehood

     Which saves us from our On’ry nature

          And Reminds us of our prayers

Thanks Be to God for your presence among us

                We Love your guidance

              And Appreciate your words

    In God we trust because of your care

      For you show us the faith we Need…

           Eternal blessings upon you!

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