Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pastor’s Thoughts

The flood waters of the Missouri River are rising to historic records but the community of Percival and the church that I have served for over two years now still remains dry, at least at the time of this writing (6-26-2011)

A miracle! Maybe. Pure luck, don’t think so! Pre-destined – doubtful. By chance- possible or by the grace and goodness of God, Most assuredly so!

Those sandbagging and walking the levees on a daily basis to do what they can do to save or restrict potential damage from the waters; are at a peril to their own safety. But community, neighbors and friends are uppermost in their commitment and dedication to small time life and that includes the smallest of towns like Percival, Bartlett Randolph and others.

So to them and many others we may not even know we owe a debt of gratitude and thanks.

Whether Percival and the homes of these small communities of under 60 remain dry will only be known in a few months from now. If it does however remain water free it will be because of the efforts of those who sacrificed their time, family, farms and personal safety for the benefit of friends and neighbors. And by the grace of Grace and Goodness of God who loves us beyond all measure.

Pastor Blaine

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