Monday, June 27, 2011

“Pastor’s Thoughts”

Coming to the Percival Community Church in January of 2009 has been the most rewarding and challenging experience of my 35 years of pastoral ministry.

The congregation is comprised of faithful people from four communities; Percival, Sidney, Hamburg and Nebraska City, NE. I personally live in Elkhorn, Ne. 60 miles from my front door to the front door of the church.

We have together learned to labor where the Lord has planted us, and as a small part of the body of Christ (an eye lash maybe) learned the meaning of Missions and Ministry.

Today as I write we are a scattered congregation; one in Alabama, one is Pennsylvania, a family in Shenandoah, several others in Nebraska City, and one in a camp site at Waubonsie State Park, several others living with family or remodeling their mother’s home to stay there.

However we have managed with the hospitality of the Methodist Church in Sidney to gather together for worship on Sundays, even if we are a fractured group, seeking by faith, hope and love to support and encourage each other until such time as we can worship together in the little sanctuary of the Percival Community Church.

Please uphold us in your prayers and know that I hold each of you close in my heart and mind every moment of every hour of the day.

Until we walk through the doors of Percival Community Church and hear the bell ring from the belfry God bless and keep each of you safe.

Pastor Blaine

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