Thursday, July 7, 2011

"All Creatures of our God and King"

During my drives to work so early in the mornings, I often look around, not just at the traffic, but at different sights. I like to watch the sun come up and see what glorious color the sky will be that particular day.  While I was still able to get to Nebraska City to meet my Carpooler, I would always notice the waterfowl taking advantage of the water on the outside of levee, but one morning, there was no waterfowl, didn't think much of it and went on my day, same observation, and so it continued for several days...I mentioned it to someone and they said that the waterfowl could sense danger and would move to "higher ground."  Two weeks after my observation is when it started to get noticeably worse on Hwy 2, within days, it would be shut down.  So here I am stuck driving myself to work and singing to keep my spirits up and to keep myself awake!  All this time I keep noticing deer, turkey and other animals moving to higher ground.  Last Monday morning, I noticed from Percival north, several large groups of waterfowl flying east, UMM I thought what is happening....Thursday the unthinkable happened!  As of this writing several members of our congregation are displaced, all are still alive and may not be liking the living arrangements, but we are all safe and able to worship together every Sunday, even if it's not in our own Church and for that I thank God!

  On Tuesday I again noticed several large groups of waterfowl flying east, this time just south of the road that goes to the Bellevue bridge. As of now nothing has happened in that area, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.  I just wonder how many other people have noticed God's hand at work?  He uses the most inconceivable creatures to teach us or show us the way!

Thanks be to God!


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