Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pastor’s Thoughts

I talked with my stepmother Susie last night in Richland, Washington, and was explaining the flood waters as it relates to the Percival Community Church. She had visited our family in May and attended a worship service while here. I try to keep her and my 85 year old father informed of the situation because the news in the west is sparse when it comes to the flood of 2011. She related to me that my sister Molly in Seattle was impressed that her brother had a blog site, especially our small congregation. So thank you to Mindy for your work in setting up this blog, and keeping it updated with pictures and articles from other members within the church. I pray that each of you who connect with the blog will pass along the site to two or three others until thousands of people are praying and encouraging us as we walk through the waters of faith; believing truly that one day in the future we will again be worshipping in the Sanctuary of Percival Community Church. Please uplift in prayer all the communities along the Missouri River from Sioux City to Mound City, Missouri.

Pastor Blaine

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