Friday, August 5, 2011

1881 Flood 2nd Edition

April 9- - The river rose at the rate of an inch an hour at Omaha. . . East Nebraska City was almost entirely submerged. . . Tracks of the Burlington and the K.C. roads were under water . . . Passengers brought to Nebraska City by the Lizzie Campbell were unloaded into a cart as the water ran deep on the landing .. . At East Nebraska City the residents huddled near the station, which was the highest point of ground. . . Fifty men worked at M.U. Payne’s farm on the Iowa bottom to repair a broken dike . . . An engine attempted to run from East Nebraska City to the Junction, was nearly lost when tracks started giving way. The engineer reversed just in time and got back to East Nebraska City, unable to escape the flooded area. . . The brickyard of Prue, Driscoll & Co. was entirely submerged.

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