Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1881 Flood 5th Edition

April 22 - - The river raised eight inches from night to morning and when a fog lifted Nebraska Citians could see that all the lowland above East Nebraska City, as well as that town were submerged. Russell Vaughn, Iowan came to Nebraska City to get help for his family and livestock, which had been placed on the highest ground available. He went to bed, he said, with the river 100 yards from his house. He awoke to find water pouring in the back door. He was horrified, said the report, when he couldn’t touch bottom off his front porch with a 20 foot pole. . . A party of four came up from Hamburg last evening in a skiff, composed of the following named persons: Miss Hattie Clark, Rev. J.C. Armstrong and Mr. Madison, the fourth person we did not learn his name, said the News reporter. . . The lower portion of Hamburg was under water. East Nebraska Citians moved into the second story of their houses as water was a foot in the street.

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