Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1881 Flood 6th Edtion

April 25 - - An Ocean of Water - -The Missouri Getting Deeper and Deeper said the News headline. . . At Plattsmouth the east approach of the railroad bridge was washed out and the transfer boat, Vice President, was steamed up and started for that place. . . Matt Pyle, who rowed the Iowa bottoms in a boat, said he counted 40 families marooned in their houses. . . People generally determined to stay with their homes, even though they had to move to the second floor and take their livestock with them. . . Joe Maddox a mail carrier said from Wyoming signals of distress could be seen on the Iowa side coming from persons who climbed trees to escape rushing waters.

Early that morning the bell tower at the City Hall tolled out an alarm. Mayor T.B. Stevenson read to the citizens a call for help from Percival where six inches of water ran through many houses. C. Keyser messaged that humans and live stock were in danger. Julian Metcalfe was put in charge of finances and $150 to finance a rescue expedition was raised on the spot.

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  1. This has become a series of interesting articles on the flood of 1881 and all that took place with the hardship of families and livestock. Todays article on the raising of $150 dollars raised on the spot certainlly speaks to what we are told to do in caring for our brothers and sistes in need. I wonder what the comparison would be in relation to 2011 and what kind of dollars we could or would raise on the spot to help? I would hope that the "Showers of Blessing" would generate that same kind of giving.