Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do You Recognize?

We received an inquiry about a cookbook that is very old. They were wondering if someone in the church could help them put a date on it.  It has a copper cover and just says cook book on the front. Some of the members who contributed to it are Mrs. Edgar Haselwood,  Gertrude Handy, Mrs. Rose Coster, and there is some advertising for a Hummel store. Click on the images to enlarge. If anyone has any information on this book please send us an email-



Thank You!


  1. This is so interesting as I am in the process of reading a book titled 'Someday' A Tale of Civil Bend by the River, author listed as Gertrude Handy and son Bob Handy. I remember reading from early 20's resident history the Edgar Haselwood name and her first name listed as Jessie. I don't know if any further information could be found in this book as to the history they are seeking but it might be worth the time to check out this book from their library.

  2. Sounds interesting Joan, thanks for letting us know about this book!