Saturday, August 27, 2011

Percival Trip

Saturday morning August 20th at 9 sharp several members of the Percival Community Church made the trip to Percival, IA to undertake “Clean up day.” While we were fully aware we could not get everything that had found its way into the community by way of the Missouri River it soon became apparent that even logs, limbs, pop cans and all sorts of waste could be picked up. Joining us later were Dave and Beth Lueth and their daughter along with Elizabeth Hartnett and her son. Oh, yes, don’t forget the Sidney Police department who were just checking to make sure we weren’t looters.

We did manage to uncover a couple of snakes who were not anymore pleased to see us than we were to find them lurking under hiding places. Never the less we continued until we had managed a pretty good pile of unwanted items left to dry out and be burned later. We stopped at the Post Office to check out the newest resident and found ‘garden spider’ to be fully fed and content at his new residence.

Driving through the streets later it was apparent that even that little bit of debris that we could get to and remove made a difference as once again it started to become the little town where people lived and cared about their community. While the trash we picked up made a difference the clean up overall will be a huge undertaking so until then we will know that God has us in his care and we will cast all our care upon him; for he careth for us. Joan T.

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The work crew….left front three, Lynn Handy, Phyllis Layman and Penny Warren. Back row left, Scott Sumpter, Pastor Blaine, Jim Layman, Jerry Birkby, JoAnn Birkby, Barb Handy and Paul Bennett.


Dave Lueth and the deputy sheriff checking us out.


Beth Lueth and daughter.


Mule slough near Percival.


Rapids heading towards West ditch.


Water rushing towards stop sign on Hwy 2.


Businesses on Hwy 2 waiting for better days!


Water, water everywhere still at Hwy 2.


Better picture of Hwy 2 intersection.


Exit northbound Hwy 2 showing damage to road way.


What was once a beautiful bean field on Tiemeyer’s.


West ditch on new Missouri River.




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