Friday, September 16, 2011

Disappointing News for Percival Once Again

The following article is from the KMA news website.

(Percivial) -- Disappointing news for residents in the Percival community.
The city, which was seeing floodwaters recede, has been inundated with water once again. Fremont County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Crecelius tells KMA News that repairs to the rail lines are the cause. He says the railroad was coming from the north and south repairing rails and breaches underneath them, and in closing the breaches, it has prevented the freeflow of water that had worked it's way underneath from flowing. Water is backing up back into Percival, and all the east-west streets are inundated, and there is four inches of water running across it towards the fire station and the church.
Crecelius says they're working with Iowa Homeland Security, as well as the railroad, to get the situation rectified. He says this is a huge step back in getting residents back into Percival. People had gone in and cleaned up homes and businesses, and they were waiting on the opening of a direct route other than the interstate so MidAmerican Energy could turn their power back on. The homes were ready, but now they have water in their homes again.
Crecelius says he's going through all the available channels to fix the situation as soon as possible. He says some steps have been taken to alleviate the water in Percival, but it hasn't helped yet. He met with a representative of the railroad who said they would cut roughly 8 6 foot breaches under the railroad to let the water flow. That apparently was not enough, as there was more water in Percival Friday morning than there was Thursday afternoon.
Railroad officials have stated they are going to cut another 20 six-foot long breaches to allow the water to flow to the east side of the railroad and out of Percival. Crecelius says they're now waiting to see if that will take care of the additional flooding. He says very few locations are free of water now. What few houses don't have water in them are surrounded by water. Three weeks ago, things looked good to get people back home, as roads were dry and water was going down. Now it's back to the way it was three weeks ago.
Crecelius says they'll be keeping Fremont County residents as up-to-date as they can on updates to the situation. Crecelius says there is still a potential more flooding will occur in Percival, and may even cause flooding back onto Highway 2. Crecelius says they are trying to let as many people back into their homes. If residents have had no water, or it has been removed and they have access, visit Mike Crecelius at the Fremont County Emergency Management offices and they can begin the steps to getting back into their homes and getting power services turned back on.

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  1. Disappointment doesn't even come close to my feelings on seeing water returning to Percival. Heart-sick sadness may be closer to reality. But how much more bad news can one small little town take before it simply has had enough. It seem no one cares except for our own self interest which is after all the way of the world. Me-first, my company- the world. Remember as God's people we are in contrast to the world. God first, Love thy neighbor and serve others. Continue to find hope that tomorrow will be better even if it seems far away. Pastor Blaine