Thursday, September 29, 2011

Left Behind


This  picture was taken about 1.5 miles south of Hamburg.  Gives everyone a look at what is expected after the water has receded and the power of the water.  It was just heartbreaking to stand on the road and see barren land, Land that once was rich and produced a bountiful crop is now nothing but mud and silt, guessing it will be a long time before we see a crop come from the land that sat with water on it for over 3 months! Not to mention the trees that will have to be removed because of sitting in feet of water for so long.  I read where maybe now this will force the invasive trees to die off and will give the “native” trees more room to grow and reproduce, that would be a good thing.  The Bulls Frogs are in abundance on the “bottom”  as I stood on the road, they jumped from the ditch to the road and all over, had to tip toe in order not to step on one.  I like frogs, they had a whimsical touch the earth, yeah they may be slimy and gross, but are sort of cute in their own little way.  Think about it, they have a great life….sit in water all day, with your head poking up and just wait for your next meal to fly by….yeah you have to worry about some Joe Blow who might want to catch you to eat  your legs, but hey if your big enough chances are you can get away from him….OH, to be a frog!

As always give Thanks To God for his many Blessings which may be difficult to see during this difficult time.


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