Saturday, September 3, 2011


The following article was posted on the KMA website

RESPONSIBLE RIVER MANAGEMENT (Percival) -- KMA News reported earlier this week about a group of concerned citizens who have organized under the name Responsible River Management.
Responsible River Management or R-Two-M as members refer to themselves, is comprised of farmers, business leaders and citizens who have been affected by Missouri River floodwater this summer. The group has members in at least five states and indications are they have gathered some momentum in being the voice of concern for flood victims who are all focusing on recovery.
Percival farmer Leo Ettleman is one of the group's members. Ettleman says the group has several priorities, but there is clearly a number one on R-Two-M's list and that is levee repair. Ettleman says no other infrastructure repair can be completed until the levees are repaired and ready to protect things from future flood water.
Those levee repair projects are going to take billions of dollars overall and Ettleman says many in R-Two-M are fearful the federal dollars won't be available for massive task. He says there's concern that the focus of government relief has switched to Hurricane Irene recovery efforts.
However, Ettleman says a recent discussion with Congressman Steve King's staff gives the group hope that the woes created by Hurricane Irene, may actually help the stream of federal money here in the Missouri River basin. Wayne Brincks told the group east coast lawmakers will be looking for federal relief, which may make it easier to bundle those federal dollars for Missouri River victims. But Ettleman says time will tell whether or not that theory is accurate.
The Percival farmer adds the group hopes to grow in number so they can offer a unified voice looking for solutions to a very complicated recovery problem. You can visit the group's
website or their facebook page.

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