Monday, October 3, 2011

Pastor’s Thoughts


Harvest is in full swing and for some the harvest season will be a good one, but for many more it will be a continual reminder of a devastating summer of disasters; from flooding, tornado, rain and high speed winds. Fields are gone, stripped of all fruit, or if a few acres remain, it’s how do we get to it to harvest. For others there won’t be any harvest because there is nothing left, only what could have been; and making plans for next Springs planting if that will even be possible.

Farmers always seem to have a resilience that transcends despair and despondency; it’s a hope and faith that the next season of planting and harvest will yield a better outcome.

No matter how bad, or how many difficult seasons they have endured and believe me this will not be the last one, there’s an optimistic spirit that runs deep within their lifeblood.

Do we as Gods people have that same sense of faith, hope, and optimism? The challenges that face our lives, our service, our congregations and our communities will test our resolve to minister in love, grace and patience.

Let us remember God has promised “never to leave us or forsake us.” In discernment and wisdom God will continue to reveal His plans and purposes. Let us be faithful to the harvest Jesus our Lord has set before us knowing that the harvest is plentiful but he knows the laborers are few.

Let us labor in joy, faith and love.

Pastor Blaine

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