Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rebuilding Begins

The reconstruction and rebuilding has begun. Interstate 29 has reopened along with highway 2 between Nebraska City and the Iowa border. People who spent 2 ½ to 3 hours getting to their jobs are now back to their normal commute time. Praise the Lord! Many of the county and rural roads are not completely rebuilt but progress there is evident. Work on the broken levy system is at least a month away and will likely not be fully completed by the spring although we pray and hope that by some miraculous intervention it will.

God has blessed us with some beautiful and warm autumn weather that has created and aided in the ability to begin the challenges confronting businesses and families.

A few people have also returned to their homes and are cloroxing molded walls; tearing out dry wall, removing carpet, installing new furnaces and water heaters and having FEMA inspect residences in order to receive some financial aid even now.

During this time volunteers have been here from the S.W. Iowa United Methodist Church disaster team helping people in Percival in this effort. Their expertise, love, encouragement and support have put a positive out-look on a very bleak situation. Their reflection of Jesus Christ and the meaning of service and ministry has been a visible witness and we praise the Lord again for their work and contribution.

While much has been accomplished, much more remains. Winter is fast approaching but with hope, confidence and perseverance the dawn of a new beginning has begun.

In gratitude and thankfulness in and for all things.

Pastor Blaine

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