Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guest Speaker…Lucy Akins

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This morning we enjoyed listening to our guest speaker, Lucy Akins R.N. Lucy is the Medical Services Supervisor at City Union Mission in Kansas City, Missouri.  She is also the granddaughter of Al and Carol Akins.  City Union Mission is an evangelical Christian  ministry committed to sharing the gospel and meeting the spiritual, physical,and emotional needs of men, women, and children who are poor or homeless.   They do not receive government funding; and rely completely on support from individuals, businesses, foundations, organizations and churches. Here is some interesting information about this ministry.

- Last year over 400 guests committed their lives to Christ at City Union Mission.

-Is the largest rescue mission in a six-state area.

-Is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

-Offers half of the emergency shelter beds in downtown Kansas City, with both a men’s shelter and a women/family shelter.

-Helps to prevent homelessness through community assistance, such as assisting with utility bills, school supplies, clothing, food, and holiday projects.

-Holds after-school programs for low-income kids, including tutoring and life-skills classes.

-Is the only shelter in KC with infirmary beds for those ill or injured.

-Has a camp in the Ozarks, CAMP CUMCITO, for up to 500 low-income children during the summer.

-Has learning centers available to assist guests with building resumes, obtaining GED’s, SAT preparation, tutoring, and more.

-Operates the Hotline for the Homesless and directs people to actual shelter housing when available space is known.

-Serves 750 every day, on average.

-Provided over 150,000 beds for the weary last year.

-Has an average cost of $16 a day to feed, clothe, shelter and care for 1 person in our emergency shelter.

Has an average cost of $29 a day to feed, clothe, shelter, care and provide training for 1 person in our long-term program.

Please visit to find out more about this essential ministry and how you can possibly help! Just click on the about link or click here.

Thank you so much Lucy for visiting us today and sharing about this mission.

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