Sunday, September 2, 2012



When leaving church recently Ardis Rogers and I were visiting. Standing South of the front steps where an evergreen had been cut down, Ardis commented “I helped plant that tree as a member of Best Ever Club.” If my memory is correct the tree was planted to honor our service men & women, living and one’s who gave their lives serving our country.  Especially representing Percival.

The 2012 Missouri River flood has raised in our lives more so, the heartbreak of losing beautiful trees, shrubs and etc.  How many of us took for granted the beauty of these trees and the important part they play in conservation and the atmosphere?  May we be more aware each day.

         -Mary Sherwood

As a side note to Mary’s article, the landscaping project planned for this past summer and delayed until Spring provides for the planting of a replacement tree. Money has already been given for the tree.  Funds for the landscaping project are still being received if you would care to make a contribution.

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