Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame 2012

Fremont County

JoAnn Birkby

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JoAnn Birkby started out as a nine year 4-H er’ in Nodaway County Missouri.  During that time, she had cattle, cooking, sewing and home improvement projects.   Her fair career in Fremont County started as a newlywed.. The first year she was married she attended and viewed the open class exhibits.  The following year JoAnn an avid gardener entered her onions and won a blue ribbon. The rest as they say is history. She has been a prominent fixture of the Fremont County 4-H program fair for many years. She helped as a 4-H mom, as a 4-H leader for 12 years, as a fair board member for 24 years and 35 years as the cherry pie superintendent. To some it may not seem like a major or stressful job, however, the 4-H’ers (70) last year made their pie crusts in front of an audience, added the filling to the crust, and handed the pies over to JoAnn to bake.  They are then sold at auction to raise funds for the Citizenship Washington Focus trip. The pies are a major fundraiser for the CWF4-H’ers. Some families request JoAnn to have her picture taken with the cherry pie bakers every year. Asked about her involvement with the fair, JoAnn responded that she most enjoys BEING at the fair.  Seeing the beautiful paintings and fabulous wood working things is another source of enjoyment.  The most unusual  exhibit was a child size bull dozer that actually worked.  She loves to visit with people of all ages who make entries in the open class,

Thank you JoAnn for your many years of dedication, enthusiasm and support!

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