Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pastor’s Thoughts

Many of you know that we have a 39 year old son with special needs.  As a child most of our moves in the pastorate have been in seeking to provide for his educational opportunities. Now, as an adult Dan is truly “special.”  He works approximately 20 hours a week at a Sports Bowling Center in Elkhorn, helps manage the D.C. West football and basketball team league and has made friends that I can count from Idaho to Florida to Malvern and Hamburg.  The other night he and I were playing “Wheel of Fortune” and with very few letters revealed he spelled out the answer, “Quantum Physics.” I asked him how he knew the answer and he replied, “I’m smart you know and Mrs. Raggow taught me how to spell.” NUH! For a moment I thought who has special needs?

I began thinking, aren’t we all needy in more ways than one? We have emotional needs, mental needs, physical needs and social needs and the list grows longer.  Our heavenly Father says needy children believe in me, trust in me, have faith in me, and I will provide abundantly above anything you would desire. In other words, “I the Lord God, creator of all things, will provide and supply All Your Needs.”

One thing I need to mention, Dan attends worship at the bowling alley at a satellite outreach of Westside Church.

As a child; He trusts’ He believes and has put his faith in his Heavenly Father and his Heavenly Father is providing very well for him.

In His Care and Keeping,

Pastor Blaine Pritchett

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