Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Student Profile- Aaron Zach


The college student of the month for January is Aaron Zach, son of Jan & Mary Zach.  He is attending Iowa Western Community College and studying Sports Broadcasting.

Last fall, he wrote the press releases for the IWCC men’s soccer team who finished second in the nation.  He did a player profile of the goal keeper.  This can be seen on You Tube (Will Lukowski Player Profile) or click here.  He also taped the National Champion IWCC football team numerous times for the college website,

This semester he will be the sports producer and anchor for the college television station, CBTV17.  Aaron’s ultimate dream job would be to work at ESPN, but he hopes to work at a local television station first.   If you would like to send a note of encouragement to Aaron, he would love to hear from you. Here is his address:

1107 West Street, Sidney, Iowa 51652

P.S.  Aaron also did an interview with Pastor Pritchett.  He did an outstanding job of asking questions and keeping the flow of the conversation moving.  His first question of the morning was how many years have you been pastor?  I was so nervous by the cameras and crew that I stumbled and fumbled with the answer.  Aaron was quick to make me feel comfortable and the conversation continued at a more leisurely pace.  I was very impressed, thanks Aaron.  When you need a reference let me know.  Pastor Pritchett

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