Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This and That

It is funny how I fought the idea of moving to Omaha for so long and how much I am enjoying it now.  I would prefer to still be in the great state of Iowa but for Nebraska, Omaha isn’t all that bad.  The thing I have found most amazing is how similar it is to small town living.  Every person I have had any interaction with has been most friendly and pleasant.  When we see people out walking with the dog they always speak.  The only difference from Hamburg is that in Hamburg I know who the people are and here I do not.

Just this morning while I was out scooping the snow the man across the street who I have never met came over with his snow blower to help me.  I scooped the walk of the man next door and another man across the street did his driveway with his snowblower.  It seemed just like a small town with neighbor helping neighbor.  Makes a person feel good.

We talk a lot about missions in our church and I do believe that is a good thing.  We usually think about the mission offering and the money sent to the various causes they support each year.  There are many different kinds of missions though.  To me a mission is any kindness you do for another that helps them in some way.  It does not have to mean giving money or food.  It could be the smallest things such as sending a nice card or even a phone call to lift someone up.  I have learned from working with my people at the apartments that sometimes the smallest things we do can mean the most to those at the time.  Just the other day one of the women was so happy just because I put the ears of corn on her squirrel feeder.  Those without transportation appreciate a ride just a few blocks in town.  As a church we never know what happens when we reach out to people.  Many times we could do something for someone and never know what happens.  I do know though from hearing from some people that there are very good things being said about the Percival Community Church and I believe that it is in part to the kindness shown by the congregation.  Sometimes what we can do for others can also be repaid to us many times over in many different ways.  If we really try to live like Jesus we will want to help each other in any small way we can.  To share our faith not only in words but in deeds.  Expecting nothing in return can sometimes show the biggest returns.

Board President, Paul Bennett

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