Wednesday, April 10, 2013

From the Board Secretary

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Spring is unfurling its wings as many robins descend on our lawns.  So it is business as usual for the rest of us too.  The Board met in March to discuss old and new projects, including improvements on the bathrooms for handicap access, arranging for recorded organ music for Sundays in need of such, a coating for the outside ramp to prevent slipping accidents, and above all, landscaping for the front of the church.

Please let members know if you have any ideas concerning any of these.  Landscaping is an immediate interest now, so don’t hesitate.  Paul is taking charge of coming up with a plan. We might think in terms of indigenous plants, and those hardy for the area, as watering on a regular basis to get the young plants growing, will be a special need for a special volunteer.  Peonies, lilies, ornamental trees…share with us your vision.  Also, a workday may be in the offing.  So be prepared!

Secretary, Marcia

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