Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pastor’s Thoughts

Copy of pcpics 652

Regardless of weather, circumstances, the world or a particular occurrence in our life; remembering and repeating it at the dawn of every new day will give us energy and optimism.  Here is the answer to discouragement, to anxiety, negative feelings, pressures and fears.  It gives us reason to look upward and beyond all the limits and troubling concerns that often lay so heavy on and in our hearts.  What this Psalm says to me personally, is this, “Look for the blessing, Blaine.”  Each and every day look for the blessings of God.  If I delight in the moments and hours of my day I will discover at least one blessing and probably more as the day progresses and I am open to the Spirit and the presence of God in the midst of my day.  For God desires to demonstrate His love for me in tangible ways.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never end, and are new each morning.  Great is God’s faithfulness.  We are to look for the blessings in life rather than the burdens.  For the burdens and trials can, if allowed, stop our joy, but seeing God in our day can turn a burden into a blessing.  When our day seems filled with more problems than possibilities, maybe our response should be to turn that problem into a blessing.  We need to focus our days on others and offer ourselves to the people around us as a gift of friendship, caring, encouragement and help.  For God’s people are commanded to share a tear and rejoice with one another and seek comfort and strength in our common faith and love of God in Christ.  This is particularly important to our church family.  I offer this simple Council to each of you and to me, to look for a blessing.  For in our looking we will find God’s presence in each and every day.

Pastor Blaine

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