Saturday, May 4, 2013

Student of the Month…Maggie Johnson

Maggie is the daughter of Brian & Kelly Johnson and granddaughter of Lynn & Barb Handy.
The Percival Church Congregation and its lovely members:
I hope all is well in the congregation down in Percival.  Five hours can seem a whole world away for a college student in Iowa City.  I would first like to thank you all for the generous donation to my studies.  I think it is a very personal and warming gift of support to receive for the students of the congregation from our home town.  I am sure the money will go towards class or a ridiculously over-priced textbook.
I received instructions to reveal some details about my degree and progress here at Iowa as well as some of my favorite activities or hobbies in this stage of my life.  I am presently a German and Anthropology double major with a minor in Dance.  I only decided to this past semester to audition for the university’s Dance Department Program, and I recently received my letter of acceptance.  I have been dancing for the university this past year and have truly enjoyed it.  I will be performing in a small-scale choreographed piece for one of my fellow students this weekend.
With such an excessive, I am very busy with school. I, am however, planning on graduating in 2 years.  Hopefully I will continue on to graduate school.  As of now, the Colorado and Oregon regions are extremely appealing to me.  Outside of my studies, I work at the Iowa Public Library, and this is a great part-time job in which I have the pleasure of being surrounded by books and fellow book-lovers.  I have also discovered a love of cooking here in college.  I am baking and cooking dinner from scratch for my friends here.  My favorite recipe thus far is white wine risotto with artichoke, pine nuts, and cherry tomatoes.
I will be in Iowa City again this summer, but hope on my visits home to see some of your familiar, comforting faces.  Thank you again for all of your continuing love and support.
Yours, Maggie
The congregation of Perival Community Church wishes Maggie every success in this academic year.

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