Monday, May 20, 2013

This and That

Well if April showers bring May flowers we should have a lot of beauty surrounding us next month from just the rain the last couple of days.  I certainly hope so anyway.  Right now I am enjoying being able to see as much green as I can.  We lost a lot of lawn at the plaza last year because of no rain so we are trying to get the lawn there back.  My maintenance man there is on a mission.  Scott is on a similar mission at home to have a pristine front yard.  I am just a spectator in all of this and am enjoying that roll very much.  The only thing in our new yard is two pine trees and one of them needs to go so I have a blank slate to work with and no idea what to do.  At the old house I never had a problem.  I knew just what I wanted it and where I wanted it to go but I grew up being in that yard so it was very familiar.  This is not.  I’m thinking I’m going to just plant my pots this year and get more familiar with my new yard before I go planting a bunch of stuff.  I think maybe this is a new lesson learned for me.  I need to sometimes take more time to observe and reflect before jumping into something.  There are things we all maybe should think about and pray about before we dive into something that could be totally wrong for us.  Just like Pastor Blaine shared in his sermon the other day.  Our prayers will always be answered.  We have to take the time to wait and find out what the answer is.  It could be yes, no, maybe,  or not now but we have to be ready to accept the direction we are being led.

Paul Bennett, Board President

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