Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This and That

Most recently I sat in with a group of people who were interested in joining the church we go to in Omaha.  There were a couple of stories that left me almost speechless.

One woman had attended an Episcopal church for several years.  She said people there hardly ever spoke to her but she just thought it was their way.  She said the first Sunday she attended the Methodist Church more people greeted her than in all the years at her other church.  She has now joined the Methodist church.  There was also a family there and the woman was brought up in some kind of Lutheran church.  When she went to college she chose to attend a Catholic University and her Lutheran church kicked her out for doing so.

The people at these places I would assume all claim to be Christians but the actions they show certainly don’t go along with that.  If your spiritual needs are not being met where you are attending church there is another place just around the corner that can do the job.  You just have to seek and find it.

It is also a good lesson to remember how important it is to just be nice, friendly, loving, and understanding to those who come into our church building.  A little of all that can certainly go a long way and mean the world to someone else.  I want to give a big Thank You to Nancy Newlon for taking over the landscaping project.  It is nice of you to take your time to help us out.  We really do appreciate it.

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and all the new life in our yards.  It has really been a benefit to me and I have been in a planting frenzy.  Hope the month ahead brings joy and peace for all!!!

Paul Bennett, Board President

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