Thursday, July 11, 2013

Secretary Snippets

Whoa Nelly.  After a slow start in Spring, warm weather has hit its stride, and is racing toward Fair and Rodeo time in galloping gusts of hot air.  Hang onto your hats!  Lemonade and water will keep you hydrated.  Put your feet in a bath of cold water as needed.  Stay in the shade.  Use sunscreen.

The church board has been discussing the need to improve the sound system in the church, though by repair or replacement, the means have not been decided.  An expert will be called in to take a look at it.

The bell tower is still leaky after efforts on behalf of Marty Cozad to correct the problem.  There was a rotted out board contributing to the problem, but it is difficult to get over the fact that the architectural design is not good.  There are two parts of the roof slanting into it, with a gully bringing water to a bad spot.  Possibly removing the structure would be the only solution.

Other than that, the Church Board is anticipating a quiet month of July.  We hope to be invited to a man a food booth two nights again this coming rodeo season, though have yet to receive word to that effect.  We are very appreciative of the landscaping design pictured on the front of this month’s newsletter and put into place by Nancy and friends.  It looks great!

Marcia Little, Board Secretary

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