Monday, September 2, 2013

Pastor’s Thoughts

Summer is almost over and having been raised in southeastern Washington where summers were hot and dry with temperatures often rising above 100 degrees for several weeks, the swimming pool was a place of relief or running through the sprinklers in your yard.

Bible study has been focused on the wilderness or desert experience that occurs in our lives.  Walking through the desert can be dangerous and hazardous.  Heat, little food or water can make the desert a place for only the most adventurous person.  However in most deserts or wilderness areas an oasis can be found.  A place to refresh us with cool shade and water.

The same is true in those spiritually dry times that occur in our lives; health issues, unemployment, a sick child, a rebellious teenager, a failed relationship, financial struggles, loss of crops, the death of a family member just to name a few can be a catalyst that propels us into the dry and weary land that is wilderness.

A hymn states “O Jesus is a rock in a very weary land,” we need to be reminded that His hand is strength for us to lead us to a spiritual oasis where we can drink in the living waters of His presence and grace and find shade and rest for our body and soul.

Pastor Blaine

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